An active termite lead that was located during a visual subteranian termite inspection. This termite collony has caused substantial dammage to the home. A complete and comprehensive termite treatment is essential to protect the home from further termite attack ans subsequent dammage.


Premuim Termite Treatments - Detection, Identification & Eradication by Professionals

Termite Control Penrith - Termites are a dangerous and often unseen force that attack homes, offices, and businesses across Penrith. Using their mandibles, termites eat away at the wooden structures of your property. They burrow their way deep into structures.  As a result weakening and in many cases completely destroying the structure’s integrity. Therefore regular termite inspections are key in gaining the upper hand in the fight against termite attack.

Matthew Lynch Pest Control provides clients with a comprehensive and detailed termite management plan to protect your home or property. Starting from thorough termite  inspections that detect hidden termite activity and termite damage. Followed by taking you through a range of guaranteed and tailored premium treatment solutions. Each designed specifically for your property. Through to instalation of the best possible premium termite treatment suited to you and your property. So if you’ve detected termites or possibly suspect termites to be present at your property. Call our experts today. Because your home deserves to be in safe hands.

Premium Termite Treatments, saving properties across Penrith & surrounding Suburbs

If left too long, termite infestations can be expensive and damaging to your property. Catching termites as early as possible and contacting professional exterminators to control and remove all traces is vital.

Because Matthew Lynch Pest Control provides the highest possible quality treatment of termites on the market, ensuring safe and effective removal of termites from your property. Why would you call anybody else? Don’t risk your property’s integrity – call Matthew Lynch Pest Control today on 0406 679 538 for quality, guaranteed, premium termite treatments.