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Matthew Lynch Pest Control - Rat Control Penrith.

Rats are hosts to numerous infectious disease. And as such should be eradicated from your home or workplace as soon as possible. Our professional rodent control methods are proven to be effective and are completely guaranteed. Our team specialize in a range of rat control and rodent removal services. Available at a price that is suited to your budget.

One of our expert pest control specialists will meet you onsite at your property to devise a tailored pest control strategy to effectively remove all traces of rats or rodents from your home or workplace. Our quality services have been proven to work, so don’t let these dangerous pests overrun your property any longer.

Call us today for the most effective rat control service in Penrith guaranteed.

Daily Pest Control blurb...

Earlier today we received a call from a concerned customer of ours. The customer requested that we return to check on a rodent baiting station that we had installed in their home the weekend before last. They felt that the offending rodent (a very very large rat) had simply vacated the premises because they had not seen it, or any evidence of it, for several days.

We assured the customer that the rat had more than likely ingested the bait and had gone off to die. Therefore they have nothing to be concerned about. But the customer still wasn't completely convinced. So... At the end of business, we returned to the customers home.

They were very happy to see us when we arrived. Most of our customers are. They were even happier to see undeniable evidence, that the rat had been extremely busy feeding and gnawing at the bait blocks within the lockable bait box. The hungry rodent had almost completely demolished two whole blocks in the rear of the box (image featured on this page).

Relieved, the customer couldn't thank us enough.