Safe and efficient European and other wasp nest removals

Wasps predate their food alone but some will create communal nests and these nests are often found throughout properties across Penrith and surrounding subburbs. They are dangerous, as their stings can be very harmful to humans, especially if allergic. If you spot a wasp nest at your Penrith property, the best solution for you is Matthew Lynch Pest Control.

Experienced in a range of pest control services including European wasp removal and control, Matthew Lynch Pest Control can be onsite within a fast timeframe to assess, control and remove wasp’s nests, making your property safer. Our professional wasp exterminators can devise an effective eradication strategy to ensure your wasp infestation poses no direct danger at your property.

For complete control of wasps, including European Wasps and other species, call the professional team at Matthew Lynch Pest Control on 0406 679 538.